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Certificados SSL
Certificados SSL

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SSL Certificates encrypt communications so that your visitors experience a safe environment. They are recommended for online shops, pages with web forms, extranets, etc. Put simply, any pages where the user has to submit personal information. They come with a URL https, a trust seal and a padlock icon in the navigation bar and provide customers with peace of mind, confidence and commitment, in addition to increasing conversions.

Benefits of using an SSL Certificate

Web segura

Website security

SSL Certificates protect communications between your website and your visitors, preventing third parties from accessing data.

Aumenta confianza

Increase trust

Having a URL with https:// and a green bar makes customers feel safe on your website and increases sales.

SSL tienda online

Essential for online shops

If you have an online shop and process bank details, it is essential to use an SSL Certificate on your website.

Mejora posicionamiento

Improve your Google ranking

Google values encrypted websites and ranks them higher than competitor's pages without SSL.

Frequently asked questions about SSL Certificates

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate is a commonly-used system of protocols to create an encrypted communication connection over the Internet. It is the only way to ensure that customer information is fully private and confidential.

Information transmitted between a user and the website is encrypted using SSL protocols. When a user connects to the website, the SSL Certificate sends a key to authenticate the code from the server to the user's computer. This means that the information sent between the server and the computer can only be authenticated by them and not by a third party.

If your online shop has a payment gateway in which you are responsible for processing customer data, you are required to have an SSL Certificate in accordance with the Data Protection Act (L.O.P.D).

If your website does not process bank details or have an external payment gateway (PayPal, TPV, Google Wallet, etc.) it is not a requirement to have an SSL Certificate, however it is still recommended in order to ensure user security and improve trust.

Sí, sin lugar a dudas. Nuestro equipo de soporte técnico está disponible las 24 horas del día los 7 días de la semana. Durante todo el año éstarás atendido para que nada falle en el certificado SSL de tu web.

There are many advantages to using an SSL Certificate on your website:

  • Improve the security of your business, through the encryption of personal information transmitted from the user's computer to the server.

  • Improve the trust of users who access your website and prevent the potential theft of personal data.

  • Increase conversions on your website by building user trust.

  • Certify the identity of your company using an independent body to prevent phishing scams.

  • Improve your ranking, websites with encryption security are automatically ranked higher in Google than those sites without.

There are many advantages to using an SSL Certificate on your website:

  • Validation: depends on what you need certification for. Domain validation certifies a single web address. Extended validation certifies a domain and provides more security. Organization validation certifies not only the domain but also your company data.

  • Encryption: is the level of encryption supported by the visitor's browser and the web server hosting the website. All our SSL Certificates have 256-bit encryption, the highest level of encryption available, which is compatible with over 99 % of browsers.

  • Subdomains: if you require certification, in addition to your primary domain, for any subdomains you will need a Wildcard SSL Certificate.

  • Green bar: displayed in the URL is one of the most visible signs for users and one which conveys the most security and trust. Only Extended Validation or EV SSL Certificates come with this feature.

  • Trust seal: shows visitors they level of security which is available on the website and increases their levels of trust in your website.

  • Warranty: is the level of cover offered by the holder of the certificate to its customers in the event of financial losses incurred as a direct result of using a certificate issued through negligence.

There are many advantages to using an SSL Certificate on your website:

  1. Web host, cloud server or virtual server and a domain with which to install it.

  2. A dedicated IP address.

  3. An appropriate SSL Certificate for your requirements.

  4. A technical support department, to help with the installation of the SSL Certificate on your website.

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