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Our service kill malware and fix vulnerable websites automatically is perfect for all users and companies wich always want to have their website at full capacity, runs properly without vulnerabilities and annoying malware, one of the main problems that can make websites are no longer operational.

Infortelecom use the main technology of the sector, so we can offer the best service about kill malware and fix vulnerable websites for CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and OsCommerce.

User always can manage changes on control panel, easily and in real time.

Automatic patching and cleaning malware

Gestion total

Automatic patching

If you website is developed on WordPress (3.x higher), Joomla (1.5x higher), Drupal (5x. higher) or OsCommerce (5.x higher) you can enjoy automatic patching without having to worry about anything.

Ultimas tecnologias

Code runs properly

Utilizamos las tecnologías más avanzadas y líderes en el sector de la virtualización para garantizar el máximo rendimiento.

Servidor escalable

Code runs properly

This service ensures no-break code of your website as long as your CMS is updated and runs original code.


Easy administration

Cleaning and patching service takes place automatically. However, user has access to these actions and has control through your Plesk control panel.

Goodbye to the days when your CMS was broken

Your CMS never broken. Our new service cleaning and patching automatically so that everything runs correctly. Enjoy your project and make it grow!

Benefits of infortelecom customers

Servers in Spain

Infortelecom has a modern and advanced CPD with connectivity and fully redundant power located in Spain.

Secure infrastructure

Our infrastructure is protected by IDS/IPS/DDoS systems, load balancing and redundancy

High availability

We offer an uptime or SLA of 99.85%, which allows us to guarantee our clients an availability of almost 100% services.

20 years working for you

Since 1996, Infortelecom offer hosting server, always lookin for the best server for our customers and have always adopted the latest available technologies

Frequently asked questions about this service

This service is available for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OsCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, phpBB, phpList, OwnCloud, among others.

It detects almost all known vulnerabilities and repairs them automatically.

Maybe you are using a outdated version of your CMS. If so, you need to updated it.

Yes of course. You always have the control. You can monitor and reverse the automatic cleanups and patches to ensure the best performance.

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