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Email marketing
Email marketing

Prices shown do not include VAT at 21 %/Prices are monthly / Terms and conditions

Prices shown do not include VAT at 21 %/Prices are monthly / Terms and conditions

Prices shown do not include VAT at 21 %/Single payments Terms and conditions

Can't find the right plan ?

us .

Easy and comprehensive e - mail marketing

Gestion de contactos

Easy contact management

Sign up your contacts or import your e - mail marketing list directly from your computer, create personalised fields, segment your lists, etc .

Alta entregabilidad

High deliverability

Dedicated IP ranges, whitelist agreements . We provide 24 / 7 monitoring to ensure that no IP makes it on to black lists and to improve delivery ratios .

Facil de usar

Simple campaign creation

Import your HTML template or use one of the ones provided, check compatibility with e - mail managers, antispam checker, A / B testing, etc .

Integracion con redes sociales

Integration with social media

Integration mails with Facebook or Twitter to get campaigns automatically published on social media and increase diffusion .


Complete results analysis

Analyse your campaign results with real - time reports on open rates, click rates, forwards, etc . per device or geolocation .


Survey tool

Easily create full surveys, e - mail them out and find out what your customers think by analysing the results .

Soporte tecnico

Technical support

We have a team on hand to help you, a range of tutorials to teach you how to use the platform and videos to help you become an e - mail marketing expert in no time at all .


Form creation

Create sign up forms for your website and increase your e - mail marketing contacts database with very little effort .

Frequently asked questions about e - mail marketing

Our e - mail marketing tool has many of the features offered by other similar tools; A / B testing, templates responsive features, statistics, etc . Additional features which very few tools offer; surveys, invitation management, etc . And then there are the features which only we provide; a quality technical support team you can get to know and who will help you with anything you need .

One of the plans we have available is a free plan which anyone can use to try out our e - mail marketing tool and find out what it can do.

Yes, with our free plan you can send 5,000 e - mails to up to 800 different contacts every month . Every month the account is reset and goes back to zero so you can send another 5,000 e - mails to up to 800 contacts .

There are two main differences between the free plan and the plans you pay for, both for monthly plans and prepaid credits:

  • E - mail limits: with the free plan you can only send 5,000 e - mails to 800 contacts each month, whereas with the plans you pay for you can send an unlimited number of e - mails and in some cases have an unlimited number of subscribers .
  • Features: in the plans you pay for you get all the available features whereas in the free plan many of these are not available .

Our monthly e - mail marketing plans are recurring which means they are automatically renewed(unless you cancel them) and provide you with set monthly e - mail limits or a set number of subscribers .

E - mail credits, on the other hand, when purchased give you a set number of e - mails for an unlimited time period .

It all depends on your individual requirements:

  • If you need to send less than 15,000 e - mails a month and have a database containing less than 5,000 contacts and only need a tool to send sporadic notifications with minimal features, then choose the free plan . You don’t need to pay for a tool!
  • If you have a large database of contacts but don’t send out large e-mail campaigns each month, you should choose a plan based on the number of e-mails.
  • If, on the other hand, you have a small database of contacts but you send out large e-mail campaigns each month, you should choose a plan based on the number of subscribers.
  • Finally, if you need a tool for a punctual e-mail campaign, you should choose one of our e-mail credit options.

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate is a commonly-used system of protocols to create an encrypted communication connection over the Internet. It is the only way to ensure that customer information is fully private and confidential.

If your online shop has a payment gateway via which you process customer data, you are required to have an SSL Certificate in accordance with the Data Protection Act (L.O.P.D).

If your website does not process bank details or have an external payment gateway (PayPal, TPV, Google Wallet, etc.) it is not a requirement to have an SSL Certificate, however it is still recommended in order to ensure user security and improve trust.

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